Keeping The Community Together With Cycling

Keeping the local community’s together is really important, and a great way of doing that is by cycling.One of the best ways we have found is by  Getting groups of people together and organising events relating to all types of cycling. These events can be big or small, and they can involve people of any age group, or indeed any sort of background and thus enabling all the community to take part in all the events that we organise. One of our events that is held annually, is a downhill mountain bike race. These race can sometimes be on the dangerous side , so its good to have a decent set of brakes, like hayes disc brakes, which are pretty good, for more info click below. Continue reading

Communinty Cycling

Community cycling, can be a great team building operation for getting community’s to pull, bond, and gel together. These events can be brought together by a few different methods, the most common one being, where cycling clubs would take control, and run the whole event. Anything from two people,  up to several thousand can be involved in these get togethers, which at the end of the day are really all about adults and children alike,  having fun, and putting some spirit back into the community. Some of the bikes used in these events, can range from, the old and decrepit, to the top class no1 bikes around the globe, Like the bike that i would normally ride myself the Giant XTC, which is a fairly up market mountain bike. More info… Continue reading